Not Just Another Vegan Potato Salad (Vegan)


This potato salad is not short any personality. Spiralized, smokey, crunchy, and creamy. And of course it’s naturally gluten-free, ’cause that’s what happens you use vegetables as the base of all your meals and spiralize ’em.

Throwing everything the conventional person knows about potato salad riiiight out the door.
Goodbye mayo.
Goodbye preservatives.
Goodbye dairy.
See ya later sliced fingers… because I use a spiralizer to cut my potatoes yo.

Hello chipotle. The sauce for this is right up there if you love smokey chipotle, well, anything

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Curly Cucumber Salad with Seaweed and Ginger Tahini Dressing (Vegan) + Mothers’ Day Discount!


Warning: if you’re emotionally sensitive (like me), you might want to grab the tissue box.

Mothers Day. The quintessential holiday where mothers and daughters connect. Flowers, wine, family gatherings. It all sounds so wonderful, doesn’t it?

When I was eighteen, my mother was diagnosed with a terminal case of cancer. She was first diagnosed when I was four years old, and fell victim to statuses of both “cancer patient” and “cancer survivor.” (More about that here.) Today, I’m talking to the women who, like me, don’t have a mother anymore. To the women who have been affected by disease. To the women whose mothers are no longer in the picture, whether caused by disease, family turmoil, or other disruptive parting. To the women who celebrate mothers day in an alternative way, just like I do.

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Asian-Inspired Collard Green Handrolls (Vegan)


Spiralized sweet potato is enlightened in a vegan Asian-inspired handroll. Seaweed substituted with a collard green, making this a vegan dish you will LOVE!

Take a deep breath, pour a shot of whiskey (liquid patience anyone?) and do the following:

Grab two pots, two skillets, and a large bowl to mix all the ingredients in.
Boil and drain the bean sprouts.
Prepare and blanch the collard green wraps.
Prepare, blanch, peel, and toast the almonds.
Saute the filling. Mix in the almonds.
Assemble, exhale, and serve with a glass of white wine. Enjoy

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No Cook Spiralized Summer Chili (Vegan)


I’ve got Cinqo de Mayo on the mind and am eating this spiralized summer chili by the pound. This dish screams summer and is chalk full of nutrients. If you love the flavor profile of chili but prefer cold foods and salads in the summer, you’re bound to love this dish. Loaded with spiralized zucchini, black beans, corn, and mexican spices – it is no bake, no cook, can be made with a veggetti (or other spiralizer of choice) and is completely plant-based

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Spiralized Zucchini with Raw Pasta Sauce (Vegan, Raw Option)


A few weeks ago, I had both the privilege and the honor to attend a raw culinary class hosted by Rawcology here in Toronto and to contribute a segment on spiralizing! As an advocate for clean eating, I have always been intrigued by raw cooking; the nutritional value of uncooked food, or food consumed in its most natural state, cannot be topped. Today I am featuring my favourite recipe from the class, a raw pasta sauce served over spiralized zucchini noodles. I was blooooown away when I tried this; it’s thick, robust, and flavorful, but completely raw!

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Zucchini Mint Springtime Pineapple Salad (Raw)

Zucchini MintSpringtime Pineapple Salad

While my fiance Scott and I were in Portugal, we went to a Brazilian buffet and I had this amaaazing zucchini mint pineapple salad.

Hold on, let me back up a step and try that again.
On our way home from Portugal, we missed our flight, and ended up adding an extra night to our trip in Portugal, as well as a stopover in the Big Apple and Madrid, Spain. Neither were fruitful stopovers (pardon the pun…), except for this Brazilian steakhouse and buffet where I gathered inspiration for this spiralized salad

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Spiralized Potato Flax Seed Crackers (Vegan)


I’m this close to calling these crackers Twackers.

Like, Twirly crackers. Only that sooomehow, I don’t imagine Twackers to be at the top of your food cravings list. Crackers however, yes! Who doesn’t eat crackers, especially when they are gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free… and spiralized! Holy batman, are we ever killing multiple birds with one stone today. Apologies to the animal activists.

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Spiralizer Reviews: the 3-Blade or 4-Blade Paderno Spiralizer? + a Giveaway

Paderno Spiralizer Review - 4 Blade Spiralizer (3)

If you’re starting to spiralize your food into delicious, gluten-free vegetable-based meals or are simply looking to upgrade your spiralizer, you have probably already wondered what the difference is between various spiralizers on the market. Read on to learn the differences between the 3-Blade and 4-Blade Paderno spiralizers and which one I think better holds up to the test!

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Blood Orange Twirly Citrus Stack (Raw, Vegan)


This post was originally going to be a crispy kale, zucchini noodle, blood orange salad. And dang, did that combination of ingredients taste good. But, the challenge with classic combinations of ingredients is just that – they’re classic and have already been done a million times. Kale and blood oranges go together like peas and carrots, and the inner rebellious vegetable-lover in me just wasn’t in the mood for predictable.

The inspiration for this spiralized salad was the result of a snowball effect of being in love with my new 4-Blade Paderno Spiralizer, playing with my food, and being on a blood orange kick. I recently got the Paderno 4-Blade Spiralizer and have been having a total heyday spiralizing vegetables into angel hair or vermicelli! This is truly the best feature of the 4-blade spiralizer and is worth the purchase just for the angel hair blade itself.

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Spiralized Waffles – TWAFFLES!


Twirly Waffles, or Twaffles, are a must try if you have a spiralizer. A nutritious, vegetarian, gluten-free, and easily-customized alternative to wheat-based waffles! Twaffles are super simple to make. They are a blank canvas, easily modified with spices or flavoring as you see fit, which I will probably experiment more with and do another post in the future. The recipe for these spiralized waffles calls for two types of spiralized noodles, beets and potatoes, which look and taste divine together. They can easily be substituted though as the proportions of the other ingredients don’t change.

Ready to get Twirly

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