The Benefits of Spiralizing

Why Spiralize Whether you have health-related goals or simply want  to add convenience and more fun to the kitchen, there is a reason below that is applicable to your  life.  Spiralizing is beneficial. Spiralizing is for you. 

Spiralizing helps assist weight loss and health goals

Spiralized veggies are naturally low calorie, low carb, low sugar, high fibre and unprocessed.  These are some of the most critical elements of weight loss.  The high fibre and water content of veggies also promotes that feeling of fullness that is so important in not starving yourself!    Spiralizing should be a lifestyle, not a diet –  but you can certainly use spiralized foods to significantly reduce your calorie and carb intake.  It is extremely important to consume carbohydrates as they play a significant role in our bodily functions and health – but consuming the right kind of carbohydrates  is imperative.  It is not necessary to consumer carbs in the form of breads or pasta – in fact, I highly recommend spiralized sweet potatoes as one of the highest carbohydrate vegetables. Make it easier to eat more and weigh less by spiralizing.

Your relationship with gluten is tumultuous at best.

If you’re gluten free, or paleo, it’s sort of a no-brainer that you are eating wheat-free products to support your existing dietary needs.  But if you think you may be gluten intolerant or even have a gluten sensitivity, you may be wondering what the next step is for you. The thought of replacing any of those goods with gluten-free flour makes your tongue dry with shivering memories of your last gluten-free pastry.  Let me do what I do best, and be blunt with you:  You need to start spiralizing.  Even if you have no intention to ever go completely gluten free (like myself), your stomach and probably your partner too will thank you if you proactively seek foods that digest easily, don’t cause disruptive gastrointestinal problems, and add extra nutrition to your life.  Spiralized noodles and spiralized rice  are the foundation of spiralized cooking and can be manipulated countless ways to replace many wheat-based meals.  

Avoid the Energy Crashes of Pasta and Breads 

You know that feeling you get an hour after you eat pasta? You might be tired or hungry, and both reasons are because of the high glycemic index of pastas and breads.  I am not medically trained, but I can comment on the importance of monitoring you glycemic index – both those with diabetes and not.  Diabetics know that it is important to consume foods that are low sugar and have a low glycemic index.  This means avoiding or monitoring consumption of starchy or wheat-based foods.  Why not substitute high-sugar foods with low-glycemic veggies?  Help monitor your blood sugar levels and avoid crashes by eating spiralized veggies!


Eat MORE just to get enough calories!

No one, ever in my life, has told me that I need to eat more.  No, I am not overweight or even a glutton, but the reality is that even the healthiest of western dishes are often calorie-heavy and must be eaten in moderation!  I consider myself a “volume eater” which means I love to eat in bulk.  For example, two hard boiled eggs for breakfast may have 200 calories and 16g of protein, but I rather eat my 200 calories in the form of 1 hard boiled egg and an overflowing bowl of zucchini noodles. Fibre is always more filling, and the mentality that you have to “eat more to get enough calories” is life changing. 

Many women have been subject to messages our entire life to “watch what we eat” or to “be aware” of how many calories are in our food so as not to overeat and put on weight.  Spiralizing helps alleviate this concern – too often I will have a bowl of zoodles and still  have an appetite for more – which is ACTUALLY a good thing! It means you can (and should) keep eating to get the calories and the carbs you need.  


Your food will go further! 

A spiralized potato (or otherwise spiralized vegetable) products more “volume” of food if spiralized than if just chopped and diced.  Check out the post on instagram! The yield is much greater of a spiralized veggie than it is diced or cubed – and not to mention faster, quicker, safer, and easier! Which would you prefer, a spiralized bowl of voluminous noodles or finely diced veggies? Eat with your eyes!

Poop more!

Spiralizing adds a TONNE of fibre to your diet.  There’s no spinning that any differently.

Don’t knock how important this is.  Read ahead.   Fibre = poop.  Poop = natural detoxification and bodily cleansing = longer, healthier life.  Breads, pastas, and wheat products usually do not carry much fibre. Add more fibre from spiralized veggies that are both clean and unprocessed! Spiralizing makes veggies the core of your diet, the staple, the foundation of your meal.  If you make a “spiralized carrot pasta” for example, the carrot replaces the noodles. Have you ever made a beautiful meal accompanied by a salad, only to completely forget to eat the salad, or get “too full” to eat it? Spiralizing makes veggies the foundation of your meal!


Spiralizing makes it easier and convenient to add fresh food and veggies to your life!

It’s not rocket science.  Plain and simple, if you  substitute regular noodles for spiralized veggie noodles, you have made a more nutritious bowl of food by default. You don’t need to make a “side salad”, steam brussel sprouts, or force-feed veggies to your kids. Make life easier for yourself and include spiralized veggies in every meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Your kids will eat their veggies, finally! 

The photos are all over instagram.  Children LOVE to get involved in the kitchen when they’re spiralizing and eating spiralized veggies – finally, a foolproof way to get them to eat their veggies without complaint!  Spiralizing presents an opportunity for kids to get their feet wet in the kitchen without knives or the mess and bacteria of meat – it is safe, exciting, and fun for them! Teach them about nutrition and develop their appetite for cooking from a young age. I’ve seen so many posts on instagram where parents are having incredible success getting their children to eat veggies in noodle form, and many actually claim their children prefer spiralized noodles over wheat pasta! Just watch out for the little spiralizer blades and that they are old enough not to stick their fingers inside!

You can create over 20 extremely different veggie noodles! Sorry, how many types of regular pasta are there? 

There are over 20 fruits and veggies that can be transformed into beautiful, nutritious, bowls of noodles and other culinary delights!  There are approximately 24 different veggies that can be spiralized and in theory (although not necessarily recommended), each one can be spiralized with 3 different blades.  Do the math. That’s 72 different types of spiralized noodles.  

You want to cut some bills and save on electricity.  

Spiralizing requires no electricity and is ECO FRIENDLY! Both the “hand crank spiralizer” and the “manual hand-held spiralizer” are completely eco-friendly and hand-powered! This is particularly advantageous both in summer and winter.  It’s pretty obvious, who wants to add heat to their place in the summer? That’s why we barbecue! The winter is expensive with Christmas, extra lights, and higher hydro bills – cut down a few bucks on electricity.  Power outtage? Make raw pasta! Trying to reduce your green footprint? Spiralize!

Spiralizing will bring out the creative beast in you!

I have no reservations being totally honest – before I started spiralizing, I thought that spiralizing was a really limited way of cooking.  Now, I spiralize the majority of my meals and actually find that I really enjoy the creative challenge and that I actually have more  ideas of how to cook. I approach cooking with the attitude that I will find a  “spiralized substitute” or “recreate” a meal that is traditionally wheat-based for something new, nutritious, and beautiful! There is still so much shock value in some of the creations and possibilities with spiralized meals – people freak out when you tell them that is not a noodle, or a bowl of rice – it’s actually a bowl of veggies!  There is always a way to make a dish spiralized – and I hope you and I both are up for the challenge in 2015. 

Reduce waste in the kitchen (which also  cuts some bills – see point 3).

Spiralizing is one of the most efficient ways to use veggies. There is very minimal waste when veggies are spiralized. Take spiralized broccoli for example. Before I started spiralizing, I wouldn’t dare tough the stems of broccoli.  But alas, they can be spiralized! It is so satisfying to be able to say “I used the entire vegetable.”

There are so many more reasons why you can and should spiralize – but these are my favourite!

Start spiralizing today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime! 

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