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Curly Cucumber Salad with Seaweed and Ginger Tahini Dressing (Vegan) + Mothers’ Day Discount!


Warning: if you’re emotionally sensitive (like me), you might want to grab the tissue box.

Mothers Day. The quintessential holiday where mothers and daughters connect. Flowers, wine, family gatherings. It all sounds so wonderful, doesn’t it?

When I was eighteen, my mother was diagnosed with a terminal case of cancer. She was first diagnosed when I was four years old, and fell victim to statuses of both “cancer patient” and “cancer survivor.” (More about that here.) Today, I’m talking to the women who, like me, don’t have a mother anymore. To the women who have been affected by disease. To the women whose mothers are no longer in the picture, whether caused by disease, family turmoil, or other disruptive parting. To the women who celebrate mothers day in an alternative way, just like I do.

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Asian-Inspired Collard Green Handrolls (Vegan)


Spiralized sweet potato is enlightened in a vegan Asian-inspired handroll. Seaweed substituted with a collard green, making this a vegan dish you will LOVE!

Take a deep breath, pour a shot of whiskey (liquid patience anyone?) and do the following:

Grab two pots, two skillets, and a large bowl to mix all the ingredients in.
Boil and drain the bean sprouts.
Prepare and blanch the collard green wraps.
Prepare, blanch, peel, and toast the almonds.
Saute the filling. Mix in the almonds.
Assemble, exhale, and serve with a glass of white wine. Enjoy

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