Spiralized Potato Recipes

Not Just Another Vegan Potato Salad (Vegan)


This potato salad is not short any personality. Spiralized, smokey, crunchy, and creamy. And of course it’s naturally gluten-free, ’cause that’s what happens you use vegetables as the base of all your meals and spiralize ’em.

Throwing everything the conventional person knows about potato salad riiiight out the door.
Goodbye mayo.
Goodbye preservatives.
Goodbye dairy.
See ya later sliced fingers… because I use a spiralizer to cut my potatoes yo.

Hello chipotle. The sauce for this is right up there if you love smokey chipotle, well, anything

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Spiralized Potato Flax Seed Crackers (Vegan)


I’m this close to calling these crackers Twackers.

Like, Twirly crackers. Only that sooomehow, I don’t imagine Twackers to be at the top of your food cravings list. Crackers however, yes! Who doesn’t eat crackers, especially when they are gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free… and spiralized! Holy batman, are we ever killing multiple birds with one stone today. Apologies to the animal activists.

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Spiralized Waffles – TWAFFLES!


Twirly Waffles, or Twaffles, are a must try if you have a spiralizer. A nutritious, vegetarian, gluten-free, and easily-customized alternative to wheat-based waffles! Twaffles are super simple to make. They are a blank canvas, easily modified with spices or flavoring as you see fit, which I will probably experiment more with and do another post in the future. The recipe for these spiralized waffles calls for two types of spiralized noodles, beets and potatoes, which look and taste divine together. They can easily be substituted though as the proportions of the other ingredients don’t change.

Ready to get Twirly

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Twirly Fries – The Best Spiralized Fries You Ever Had


If you own a spiralizer, you must make spiralized fries. Seriously, none of this chopped, diced baking business anymore. Just spiralize it (this should be a rap song. Snoop, you reading this?).

I went through great pains to get this recipe right. Not to scare you, but baked spiralized fries are not even remotely close to making regular baked fries. I set off the smoke alarm, twice. I burnt my hand. I melted my spiralizer on the stove. The stove wasn’t even on (just the oven). My boyfriend was nice about it, but I’m pretty sure he was like “who is this woman…she just took Twirly Bites to a new level.”

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