Spiralized Carrots

SPIRALIZED CARROTS Carrots! Spiralize carrots to add that POP of orange to any meal with carrots – and you’ll wow both yourself and friends.

Spiralized carrots are among my favourite spiralized vegetables to eat raw, but they are also fantastic steamed, boiled, or baked. I’m a bit of a frugal gal, so they also have a special spot in my heart because they are among the budget-friendly veggies to spiralize.  If you have a hand-held manual spiralizer, you can spiralize carrots in a pinch without using the hand-crank spiralizer![

Carrots, Shmarrots… I ain’t wasting time, give me the spiralized carrot recipes!

What You Can Expect

  • Long crispy dense noodles (similar in texture to beet noodles)
  • Small half-moon shaped bits where the carrot tapers.  The long noodles come from the girth of the carrot.
  • Only expect long, smooth noodles from jumbo carrots!


  • Cut ends of carrot off
  • Peel or leave skin on (I prefer skin on, where the nutrients are)
  • If carrot comes to a sharp point, cut it off so that the carrot is at least 1″ in diameter.  This will provide a surface area for spiralizer to latch onto the carrot)
  • Recommended blade: 3mm or 6mm


  • Eat Raw
  • Saute for 5-7 minutes on medium heat
  • Bake at 350 for 10 minutes 
  • Boil for 5-7 minutes 
  • Steam for 7-10 minutes depending on preferred firmness and pot size
  • Recommended applications: noodle and rice dishes, salads


  • 1 medium-sized carrot =  approximately 1 cup raw spiralized carrot noodles
  • Varies with size of carrot


  • Store in an air-tight container
  • Keeps fresh for up to 5 days (may discolor slightly)
  • Mist with water to prevent carrots from drying out


  • Wide range in prices dependent on size and store
  • Low-priced grocery store in Toronto: 3lb bag for $1.00 (very budget friendly!)

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