Spiralized Daikon Radish

DAIKON RADISH Daikon radish otherwise known by “lo bok” is just a little bit magical. It blows my mind that the noodles are translucent and that you can kind of see through them if you hold them up to the light. They are incredibly versatile due to their structural properties; both long and short noodles can be made that withstand the test of cooking and heavy sauces without crumbling to pieces! I’ve seen a broad range of sizes – I just came back from the grocery store and saw daikon radish that was probably close to 4 inches in diameter and thought… man… That would make some good spiralized daikon radish… but it might dominate the spiralizer!  If it’s TOO big to spiralize, cut it into spiralizer-portion sizes.

Lets get Spicey… with some Daikon Radish recipes

What You Can Expect

  • A spicey earthy flavor very similar to red radishes
  • A translucent long white noodle that holds its structure very well.
  • Great bang for buck
  • Pairs well with Asian-inspired flavors


  • Trim ends off
  • Peel  
  • Recommended Blades: 3mm, 6mm, or flat


  • Eat raw
  • Sautee: for approximately 5 minutes in oil (tastes especially good with sesame oil)
  • Bake: 10-15 minutes on 350
  • Boil: 3-5 minutes
  • Best applications: noodle and rice dishes, salads


  • Wide range depending on size of daikon!
  • 1 medium sized daikon = 2 cups raw daikon 


  • Store in an air-tight container
  • Keeps fresh for up to 5 days 
  • Flavor changes after a few days – looses some spiciness 
  • Note: It will smell “rotten” when you open the lid, regardless of how long its been in the fridge.  Just a word of caution if you bring a packed lunch to work… 
  • Do not freeze


  • Low-priced grocery store in Toronto: $1.48/kg or 1 daikon radish for $0.60

Don’t waste time… Start spiralizing with Daikon Radish recipes

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