Spiralized Persimmons


Persimmons are seasonal balls of joy that usually come the size of a healthy apple or orange.  I love eating them straight up – spiralized – or in stir fries and wraps. Spiralized persimmons are great in any meal or dish that does not have a heavy sauce and that tastes good with a bit of sweetness!

Persimmon Recipes!

What You Can Expect

  • Long orange noodles
  • Softer consistency, noodles that break easily (similar in durability to apples)
  • When refrigerated- they become glutenous 


  • Wash, dry, spiralalize! 
  • Leave the skin on.
  • Recommended blade: 3mm
  • Choose a firm persimmon


  • Eat Raw
  • Sautee lightly for a few minutes but does not hot its shape well
  • Bake within a recipe (as per recipe)


  • 1 medium persimmon = approximately 3/4 cup spiralized persimmons 
  • Varies with size of persimmon


  • Does not refrigerate well (becomes gelatinous 
  • Best eaten fresh

Don’t waste time… Start with some Spiralized Persimmon Recipes

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