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Spiralizer Recipes

See below for all spiralizer recipes by Twirly Bites. All recipes on Twirly Bites are entirely spiralized, 100% vegetarian, and mostly unprocessed.  Many of the recipes are also vegan, dairy free, raw, gluten free, and unprocessed. Read my about me to learn what it has meant to me to eat a plant-based diet.

If you’re looking for something specific, you can also use the search box in the sidebar, or use the dropdown menu to search by vegetable or by category.

 Eating spiralized is a great way to incorporate more plants into your diet, whether you intend to eat entirely plant based or not.  Spiralized noodles are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, unprocessed, fresh, and natural – with a significantly higher nutritional value than pasta! If you’re brand new to spiralizing, you might also check out the beginner recipes to optimize your first few experiences spiralizing, as well as learn how to use your spiralizer.

 Not sure what spiralizing is? Spiralizing is the art of making noodles from veggies, which is an amazing alternative to both pasta and as simple a solution as efficiency in the kitchen and dicing fewer veggies! Check out this page for the benefits of spiralizing or what is spiralizing for more information.

If you have a suggestion for a spiralizer recipe or if there is a vegetable that you would like to see spiralized more, simply leave a comment below! Thank you for your time!

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