Spiralizing 101 – How to Spiralize

Spiralizing 101

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by Twirly Bites! My name is Michelle.  You just got a spiralizer? Great! I’ve put together a few resources to get you kickstarted!

If you’re new to spiralizing, welcome – prepare to have your life changed and maybe develop a spiralizer addiction! 

I’ve designed this page as a resource for newbies and veterans alike, so please check out the resources below to learn how to spiralize and feel free to drop me a line anytime by email (michelle@twirlybites.com) or on my Contact page.

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What is Spiralizing

What exactly is spiralizing? Is this a fad or a legitimate way to cook? Find out what spiralizing is all about!

Why Spiralize

Not totally sold on spiralizing? Read up on all the benefits of spiralizing here – and share the page with someone else who could use a little spiralizer love!

How to Spiralize

You got a spiralizer – now, how do you use it?

What Can I Spiralize

There are 24 fruits and veggies – check out What Can I Spiralize and to learn everything you need to know to successfully spiralize EACH vegetable including preparation, cooking information, yield, and storage information! 

Beginner Recipes

Check out Twirly Bites Beginner Recipes to get started on some of the tried and true spiralizer recipes that are simple and delicious! Or, go straight to the Recipes Archives.

If you have a Veggetti, check out the section specifically for Veggetti Recipes!

How to Make Spiralized Rice

Did you know you can make rice from spiralized noodles? Learn how to make spiralized rice here!

Choosing a Spiralizer

In the market for a spiralizer? Read the pros and cons of different models of spiralizers and make an informed decision to choose the best spiralizer for your needs!

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