Super Dragon Breakfast Pudding (Vegan, Raw)


One of my favourite things to do, and has been for most of my twenties, is to wander the streets of Toronto and simply parouse.  I’ve enjoyed doing that for as long as I can remember. I moved downtown Toronto from the suburbs (Scarborough, if you’ve heard of it… it’s where everyone gets shot) for school and have since become hooked on the cultural offerings on every corner you turn. From Little India, Little Portugal, Chinatown, right down to the cracktown… Toronto has it all, and it is all beautiful and wonderful to experience. 

Breakfast! Scott and I were wandering Chinatown today, originally with the intention of visiting our favourite and Toronto’s best-rated kitchen store, Tap Phong. If you’re from Toronto or taking a trip any time soon, it’s a wonderul kitchen store, fully stocked with everything kitchen related from industrial deep fryers to heart-shaped tea strainers. Funny enough, I bought my first spiralizer here, but only after years of “thinking about it.” About four years ago, my friend had become vegan and told me about this “spiralizer” contraption that was selling for about $100 and I thought no way ho-say. Fast forward four years, and I own three spiralizers and a blog completely dedicated to spiralizer recipes.  Hindsight is 20-20 right?


Back to today. We were wandering Chinatown and I really wanted to pick up some Jicama.  It is oddly difficult to find, at least where I’m located in the city.  I am pretty sure I’ve spiralized and cooked with 90% of spiralizeable veggies in existence on planet earth, but there’s got to be a few left – dragon fruit being one of them! I get such a complete high when I find a new fruit or vegetable that can be spiralized, as if I can take some sort of credit for its existence.  Kind of like God. But not. (Needless to say, I’m an extremely passionate individual.)



Now that I am on a mission to spiralize everything, I look at all foods with new eyes. I passed by dragonfruit on the way to find jicama, and walked out the door urgently persuading Scott to take me home so I could spend my Sunday night alone, spiralizing and playing with my new food. #theTwirlylife #nojoke


As it turns out, YES! Dragon fruit is spiralizeable! I’ve put together a quick and easy superfood breakfast – LOADED in fibre, protein, healthy carbs, superfoods,low in sugar, low-cal, and  completely raw. It passed my Scott Test (criteria: did Scott like it?) – it’s a keeper.


If you’ve never had dragon fruit, you might read the below before you rush out to your local grocerer.  It is more often found in Asian grocery stores, and don’t spend more than $4 on a dragon fruit – some people charge that much! Seriously, I’ll be upset.  

You should be able to find dragon fruit for $2 or less if you shop around. Even that is expensive – but I will often pay a premium to try a new food! It’s much like an enlarged kiwi on the inside, but with less of a citrus flavor.

 I can’t get over how beautiful dragon fruit is. That’s some serious pigment. Are you a fan of it? What cooking applications have you used for it in past?


If you can’t handle the flavor of bee pollen (it’s potent), eliminate it!


 Check out the nutritional information here 

Super Dragon Breakfast Pudding
Yields 1
A superfood kick start to your day with this fully raw, delicious, and spiralized breakfast pudding!
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Total Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1 dragonfruit (spiralized - 60mm blade)
  2. 1 tbspn chia seeds
  3. 5 tbspn water
  4. 2 tsp lemon juice
  5. 1 tsp bee pollen (optional)
  1. To make the chia seed pudding, place chia seeds, water, and lemon juice into bowl and set aside. Chia seeds will absorb the water within ten minutes. Give it a gentle stir.
  2. Score the dragon fruit with a 2" wide incision so that the remaining of the skin stays in tack. Peel the dragon fruit delicately.
  3. Spiralize the dragon fruit using the 6mm blade.
  4. Return the spiralized dragon fruit noodles into the dragon fruit.
  5. Cover with chia seed lemon pudding.
  6. Sprinkle bee pollen on top of pudding (optional).
  7. Serve immediately and enjoy!
  1. If the skin of the dragon fruit has torn, you may want to just eat this out of a bowl.
  2. Serve immediately! If this is left sitting, some of the juices will seperate and may look less appetizing.
  3. Definitely try serving these super dragon fruit bowls for a group of friends over for brunch!
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